Eric Masson December 17th 2003
Montreal, QC,
XXX XXX, Canada

To: Dr. Eng Lim Goh
C/C: Michael Brown


I am writing you regarding my project, IMD4Linux (, and the lack of support form SGI.

During my last phone conversation (August 11th 2003) with Michael Brown from your Graphics Division, Mr. Brown told me to that he would soon send me a copy of the ‘SPECIAL SGI License Agreement’ allowing me to make all my source code (SGI OpenMotif, 5Dwm and all the desktop applications) available for public on my project website. I have tried to contact Mr. Brown several times (email, voice-mail messages and fax) over the last four months without getting one reply.

Also, as per Mr. Brown request (August 11th 2003), I changed the project name from ‘Indigo Magic Desktop for Linux’ to ‘IMD4Linux’ and removed all references to Indigo Magic from my website.

So after all this time it seams that we have not moved forward at all. So, in order for me to continue considering SGI as a possible partner and to move forward together, I require some answers:

– Where does SGI stand in terms of endorsement for my project?

– When can I expect a license agreement?

– What is the next step after this license agreement?

– Where does IMD4Linux fit in SGI’s plans?

– I am considering releasing the source code on January 1st 2004. What would be the consequences of this?

On the bright side, I didn’t stop my development efforts. I am working on anti-aliased fonts supports for Motif, the Overview pager works, and I have an alpha version of iconCatalog and fm. I wrote a new vector library renderer that makes use of OpenGL hardware acceleration for drawing icons and most of the Desktop/System configuration panels are completed.

I am frustrated by the complete lack of response/support from SGI. I have worked very hard to get where I am today and my reputation as an IT professional is very important. I believe this project to be beneficial to SGI and would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.


Eric Masson