October, 7th 2003
– We’ve moved back to 5dwm.org after the SF.net saga. All the Beta1 downloads are in the download section.

June, 26th 2003
– Beta 1 is now ready available for download at sourceforge.net/projects/imd-linux

April, 15th 2003
– Beta 1 is a delayed for two weeks maximum for the following reasons:

* The installation scripts need a little bit more tuning.
* SGI is finalizing the license agreement.
* Some last minute bugs and minor adjustment on the Motif side.

April, 2nd 2003
– Beta registration is closed, but I still accept registration for RedHat 9 and other very recent distributions. Please refer to the beta section for details.

April, 1st 2003
– I am getting ready for the beta 1. Mostly installation scripts and a few thing here and there remains. Please be patient.

March, 12th 2003
– My ISP purged by accident my eric at 5dwm.org mailbox and could not recover all my mails… So Beta Tester who sent a request before February 15th 2003,
please re-send it in order to make sure that I wont forget you… I am very sorry about that!

March, 11th 2003
– The dtUtilities and windows customization panels are completed. Refer to Screenshots page for details.

March, 8th 2003
– xconfirm application is completed. Refer to Screenshots page for details.

March, 2th 2003
– The mouse and keyboard customization panel are completed. Refer to Screenshots page for details.
If you wish to share something with us or you may have an announcement to make regarding MID4Linux. Here is the right place
how to do that: Simple! Send me an email at eric at 5dwm.org and I will take care of the rest.