The registration for the first beta is closed, however I am still taking registration for Red Hat 9 and others recent distributions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who registered before February 15th 2003, could you resend me your system details… at My ISP purges by accident my mailbox and they can not recover all my mails !

Detailed information regarding IMD4Linux beta testing will be posted on both and by the end of April 14th. Selected applicants will be directly notified via email and will be required to get setup on prior entering testing.

How to apply?

Simple. Just email me the following details:

Tell me why you would like to beta IMD4Linux. Then give you some information about the system(s) that would be used for the testing.
An example of what technical information I need in order to get you on the beta program:

O/S: RedHat 8.0
Kernel: 2.4.18-19
GLIBC: 2.2.1
GCC: 3.2.1
GFX: NVidia GeForce Quatro 2
XServer: XFree 4.2.1, 24bits, 1280x1024x85hz
GLX: NVidia